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Size of your company

What are your future growth aspirations as a company?

Your organization is a

Do you have a college degree?

Is your business consumer or enterprise?

"Consumer" means you sell to individuals, and "enterprise" means you sell to other businesses.

What city and country do you work from?

Separate your answers with a comma, like "Tokyo, Japan" or "San Francisco, US" or "Berlin, Germany" or "Washington DC, US"
Do you find yourself working

What industry do you represent?

Thanks for making it through that list. Here's nine questions that I think will be helpful for this year's Design in Tech Report.

1. How diverse is the design org at your company?

The definition of diversity can include a diverse set of attributes. In addition to the obvious ones, a few that don't get talked about a lot are age and international diversity.
2. A college degree is necessary to succeed as a designer in tech.

By "college degree" I mean a 4-year diploma granting institution.
3. If you could give your boss (if you have one) "radically candid" feedback on how to be a better leader for you as a designer, what constructive criticism would you give them?

In 140 characters, please.
4. At what stage is design typically involved in the product development at your company?

Read this line as a timeline going from start to finished product.
5. In the industry that you represent, what false stereotype would you like to break when it comes to how designers are perceived?

7. When do you expect machine intelligence to replace most visual designers?

Note that 10 essentially translates to, "I don't expect this happening for the foreseeable future."
8. Name one company that stands out as deserving a "most improved award" for design in tech in 2017:

9. What's the one word you would use to explain why you picked that company for improving in design?

Your name to go into the report credits page:

You can contribute anonymously (just leave this blank) or you can include your full name or initials or your pseudonym. Any response you make will not be attributed to your name and will only be shared in aggregate. Thank you!
Thank you! if you're on my mailing list https://goo.gl/xDBPAm, you'll get the results of the Design in Tech Report ahead of the presentation.
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