I have a few Chinese (5) and Korean (2) editions of Laws of Simplicity if you have a friend/relative who struggles with English, is living in the US, and is curious about Simplicity it's perhaps a helpful gift. For US mailing only.
Sorry it's US-only -- because dropping them in the mail is going to be simpler for me. Thanks for your understanding!
I get it
Why am I giving these out for free? What's the catch? No catch. My publisher sent me these and I'd rather YOU have them than me.

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US only so I can send these out simplest. Please fill it out just as if it were to be mailed to you. I won't save this information so don't worry -- no spamming you here.
Desired enscription

I can sign the book to whomever you like ...
This is first come, first serve. If these seven books run out quickly, I apologize in advance that I couldn't get one to you.

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