2018 #DesignInTech Report Special Addendum styled to be Cosmo Quiz a Bit
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How is your design organization function organized?

How do you manage the physical/digital divide?

Where do your design teams work?

Does design fit into your development process?

When do you undertake user research?

What do you do with research findings?

When do you prototype?

Why do you prototype?

Who leads design in your company?

How do you make design decisions?

How do you track design performance?

How do you incentivize good design?

How brave is your organization when it comes to making design decisions?

What City/Country are you in?

If you can answer "Tokyo, Japan" or "Seattle, Washington" with comma separations that'll be enough.
Would you like me to tabulate your score?

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These firms have recognized design capabilities and may see design as a major part of their brand but may not have optimized their structure or processes to exploit design as a commercial resource. Companies that invest heavily in external design agencies but struggle to deliver the results consistently to market can fall into this category.
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This range includes companies where design is core to the business agenda, generally as a business methodology rather than just a branding device. These companies are likely to have design-literate board members and consider design an asset worth investing heavily in.
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#DesignInTech Report
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Design isn't considered mission critical for these businesses, or to their customers. These are generally the companies with the most to gain commercially from investing in design, especially if their competitors also choose not to use design methods.
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Design has a role in companies in this range, but it may not be formally recognized or managed. Past product successes may seem random, and these companies may struggle to articulate what it is their customers desire when developing new offerings.
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